Rockhampton Culvert Cleaning Tools

Culvert Cleaning

Whether removing flood debris or just routine maintenance cleaning by Councils, Maintenance Contractors and Main Road Departments, culverts located beneath roads and highways have always been a logistical nightmare. Roadside safety, culvert access and the labour intensity involved with culvert cleaning are high risk and expensive.

That is - until Duggie (Dugless 900) arrived in Central Queensland.

Australian Conveyor & Culvert Cleaning (ACCC for short) is excited to show how easily Duggie can crawl into box and round culverts. Our trained operator stands safely clear of the road and culvert, whilst remotely directing Duggie into the culvert to remove the debris. Duggie’s compact size allows it to easily crawl in and out, getting the job done quickly and efficiently. ACCC provide an efficient and cost effective option for culvert cleaning.

One of our recent success stories, was cleaning out culverts beneath the Capricorn Highway after Tropical Cyclone Oswald, removing 60 ton of debris in a single day.

Larger excavation equipment can’t match Duggie’s compact size, agility or the ability to drive through the culvert. We suggest that by choosing Duggie instead of manual labour, there are no sore backs from bending or crawling through culverts or strains from using hand tools to manually remove debris.

Safety is our priority and customer satisfaction is our guarantee.


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